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Making 2D animation for business


Production of 2D animation: Abalmasov production studio

Contrary to the opinion of some skeptics, the good old 2D format is still popular and in demand among certain categories of our customers. Making simple skeletal 2D animation is especially appreciated in the advertising business. This format, as it turns out, allows you to create colorful, funny and authentic imagery. The highlight of this particular animation format is that the potential customers especially well remember these clips and their simple and vivid characters.

The specialists of Abalmasov Production studio will make, according to your plot, or develop “from scratch” a 2D animation story posed to become a real advertising hit — attracting buyers for your goods or clients for your services. The cost per minute of 2D animation is relatively low, and the results pretty often exceed the expectations.

Professional approach

Over time, having conducted the works in this particular segment of the creative industry, our specialists have gained the experience and honed their skills, broadened their horizons and examined many different practical ways and tools. Now they can easily and quickly carry out an order of any degree of complexity.

Our prices for making 2D animation products are quite acceptable, which makes our studio’s services accessible not only for well-established and big companies, but also for newly emerged entrepreneurs, startups and individuals, whose advertising budget is limited.

The best decision

Abalmasov Production studio offers you to order 2D animation of any topic in Kyiv and across Ukraine. We work quickly and efficiently. The whole range of activities, including the execution of works, consists of simple stages:

  • development of technical specifications for the product
  • development of the stylistic solution of the video (jointly with the customer)
  • approval of the script and the plan of work
  • viewing and assessment of the finished product
  • making adjustments, if required
  • Receiving the payment for the ready work and transferring the finished product to the client

As you can see, ordering a 2D video from us is simple and affordable for everyone! Contact us!