Order your commercial produced in Kyiv with video studio Abalmasov Production


Promotional videos, ads and commercials


Promotional video is an effective tool to increase your sales

Abalmasov Production is a recognized leader in Kyiv and the region, capable of fulfilling the most complex video production orders at a high professional level. Commercials and promo videos are one of the main areas of the studio’s activity. This type of work is in wide demand, primarily for various business, trade, industry, and services. Good commercials and promo videos substantially improve the company’s image, attracting new clients for the companies and firms providing different types of services.

Unlimited possibilities

You can order an advertising video from us related to every area of your business activity. We know almost everything about how to shoot, edit, design, present and most effectively convey the following categories of video products:

  • commercials and goods advertising (it is the most common but certainly not the only one product we make),
  • presentation films,
  • video presentations (about your company, products, services),
  • exhibition video
  • filming of ongoing events for further advertising
  • television ads
  • advertising of mobile applications (a new and increasingly popular service) 
  • training videos
  • promotional videos

We produce almost all known types of video advertising products. Modern digital technology, experienced video operators and editors, a creative team of professionals — these are the main advantages of Abalmasov Production studio over our competitors.

Preliminary calculations

To order and obtain a really high-quality and effective advertising product, you should be aware that the development and production of an advertising video is a rather complicated and multi-stage process requiring serious commitment.

The price for the finished product is formed taking into account many components and factors to be agreed on with the customer. At the preliminary stage, we justify the need for certain details (for example, attracting world-famous actors), and of course we talk the client off from unnecessary and excessive expenses, if any. In total, when determining the cost of an advertising video, several dozen factors affecting pricing will be taken into consideration.

An advertising video is a powerful and effective tool in the hands of an entrepreneur or a head of a company or firm. High-quality television advertising is seen for millions of TV viewers throughout Ukraine every day. Just a little patience, multiplied by the skill and professionalism of Abalmasov Production specialists — and you will feel real results of our work positively influencing the course of your business!