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Promotion videos


Promo videos to enhance your network image

Making promotional videos is a popular service and an effective tool for presenting a company, goods and services. Production studio Abalmasov Production makes promo videos for clients in Kyiv and in the region. Normally, such videos never exceed the length of a short film. That is why everything unnecessary has to be removed from the content in order to better maintain the storyline, to properly lay the content out, and to better deliver the key messages.

Various options

The most important factor of making truly effective promotional videos is the invaluable experience of our professionals, multiplied by creativity, excellent technical support and a great desire to design and make new video products. We work in different genres of advertising which enables us to solve the most difficult tasks:

  • dynamic presentation
  • original and interesting instruction
  • a short but capacious video catalog

To achieve the goal, we use new popular technologies, like 3D graphics, animation, all kinds of special visual effects, and many more.

Main objectives

Shooting promo videos, including HD promo videos, will allow you to solve several different problems at once and achieve your goal in the shortest possible way:

  • to develop an original and emotionally-loaded video about your firm or company;
  • to provide closer and more effective contact with the client audience on the Internet;
  • to significantly expand the video content on your website;
  • to attract as many potential customers as possible using the technology of influential viral advertising.

Obvious advantages

Making a promo video for firms or advertising with our studio Abalmasov Production is an effective tool to influence your audience, which gives you a number of beneficial advantages:

  • the advertising product expands the scope of ad applications (presentations, exhibitions, sales outlets)
  • there is no strict time regulation as you can have a video in which all the necessary information is most fully displayed
  • the use of the technology and expressive means of the feature film genre helps you to reach a much broader range of your advertising goals

You can order a promotional video in our studio at a cost that will be calculated individually for your order. There is an unlimited choice of tools and technologies to achieve success in advertising in the shortest possible way.