Making customised video presentations


Making customized video presentations


Abalmasov Production: Making video presentations

Video presentation is one of the most effective ways to convey the necessary information to potential customers, buyers, and other target audiences. Carefully thought-out, designed, and professionally developed video presentations used as an advertising product not only provide information about services or goods in a concise and clear form, but also to reveal the main advantages and benefits for the customer.

Abalmasov Production develops customized video presentations. It is one of the main types of services we provide. We serve different clients, including legal entities, companies and organizations located in Kyiv and in the region. We have also completed many successful projects for the customers in other regions of Ukraine.

The most important advantage that customized and high-quality designed video presentations provide is that they combine professional video footage with a variety of graphic elements. This way an outstanding visual clarity and positive impression is achieved in demonstration of the key features, advantages and benefits of the products and services our clients would like to visually advertise and promote.  

Our Customers

The variety of customers we make our video presentations for includes, but not limited to, the following categories:

  • firms and companies
  • commercial and public funds,
  • non-governmental organizations,
  • other organizations, associations and individuals

A company video presentation may be needed for:

  • setting up an interaction with other firms
  • establishing personal contacts
  • presenting your products or services
  • targeting your potential customers through mailout, posting, newsletters, etc.

A customized video presentation made in order to promote a new product or service is an effective way to expand the scope of your business-activities and your customer base, and generate additional profit. However, to make sure that your planned goals are achieved, it is critically important to order video presentations from real professionals. Only a studio having experienced professional staff, a large practical experience, the respective equipment and software is able to do the best job they can in making the right video presentation!

Ample opportunities

Abalmasov Production creates custom-made presentations at a high professional level. Remaining up-to-date with the evolving technology, we widely and successfully use a variety of techniques and features, such as:

  • a high quality of the text
  • a carefully selected set of video fragments edited into a single clip (video sequence)
  • original and informative photographs
  • various plots and creative storylines
  • the newest and most creative computer graphics
  • different animation techniques
  • selection of the background music
  • professional voiceover

We know that the key to successful promotion of a company’s products and services is to make an effective presentation which in certain proportions include and combine the elements and features listed above. It has been proven that a professionally designed and delivered video presentation ensures profit growth, attracts new customers, and raises the interest from various organizations whose cooperation is critically important for the business development. The money invested in video presentation, promotion and visual advertising of goods and services will normally pay off within 3-6 months. A high-quality visual advertising will continue to influence multiple audiences for a long time.