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Image-building videos


The best offer for creating an image-building video

Professional video production studio Abalmasov Production offers you the most popular, efficient and sought-after advertising reaching out to the widest circles — an image-building advertising video about your company, its products or services. We make such videos for the customers in Kyiv and the region.

We offer you a modern product perfectly suiting the main task of arousing a surge of positive emotions and feelings in the target audiences. Studio professionals focus on colorful and vivid video sequences, original ideas, non-standard plots and ways of storytelling, and also on captivating soundtracks. When the video is taken during an event, it will help to even more consolidate the image and view of your company as a successful and dynamically developing business-unit.

Applying directly on our website, you can order the production of the image-building video taking the opportunity of your next company event. Call us or come to our studio and we will discuss everything right away, getting down to work immediately.

Work organization

Filming a video that is meant to build-up your image or support your ad campaign, especially during the respective event, is a  serious job only experienced and well-trained professionals can do. Nowadays, the best professionals prefer to take live video from the events and then complete it using 3D technologies and modern special graphics to make a memorable video story.

Abalmasov Production makes best brand-promoting and image-building videos featuring your company or product  as per the following stages:

  • preparation of the technical specification based on the order we receive
  • choosing the best way to implement plans and development of the basic concepts
  • development of the script according to which the shooting of the image-building video will be carried out, and coordination it with the client
  • budget determination, obtaining the customer’s approval, if necessary — adjusting the order
  • after clarifying all conceptual, technical and financial issues, the contract is signed
  • shooting at the events and locations, as planned, then making 2-3 video layouts
  • preliminary checks with the customer, making corrections and adjustments if needed
  • final revision of the video
  • commissioning of the finished video to the customer

The scheme is simple enough, but still very effective. Walking through every step and taking all the actions implied guarantees that you get your successful, unique, and attractive advertising product! 

Excellent work result

We know how to shoot at the events, and love to do it. We have been studying all the technical issues, video editing procedures, and message delivery ways down to nuances and hone it all to perfection. As a result, each completed work is an effective image-building video that exactly hits the target!