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Music videos


Video production studio Abalmasov Production offers you to shoot a highly professional music video

For making professional music videos, Abalmasov Production studio offers our clients the best conditions and terms in Kyiv and Ukraine. Shooting a music video for a newly established group or band is not just an important, but also an interesting and crucial creative endeavor. We have everything you need for this tak — a high level of professionalism, modern equipment, and the newest software. And, most importantly — a great desire to work in the art we sincerely love.

The main goal

Making a professional music video for a song is one of the most effective and straightforward advertising tools that can be successfully used by every musical group or individual artist. The video product our professionals prepare is important and much needed, and can be successfully used in a variety of areas, such as

  • successful airtime on TV,
  • above-the-line promotion and advertising on different networks,
  • as a part of a video sequence on monitors when concerts of several groups are filmed

Depending on the customer’s requirements, we can make a music video as an imitation of a real performance given by a group at a concert. We can shoot according to a specially designed visual line with decorations and a storyline, and invite the actors, including those whose recognition is worldwide! In our time, not a single musical group can go significantly up in the rankings and charts, win a large army of fans and become truly popular without a vivid and colorful video.

Our Commitment

Our studio films the music videos using modern video cameras and edits the materials on professional equipment. We offer our clients either to choose a prepared studio or any other locations, stages and sites in Kyiv or throughout Ukraine.

We offer a wide range of solutions, both in terms of budget and technology. We know well that even a low-budget video can become a real hit. Ordering a modern and stylish video clip that will make your group recognizable and popular is the right choice. Order your music video from our studio and work with the real professionals!