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Making 3D animation


Order your three-dimensional graphics from the top professionals of Abalmasov Production

Computer 3D animation allows you to perform the most complex, unusual tasks, shoot clips, videos, make outstanding advertising products, and tell your stories in a completely new format. Making three-dimensional graphics is one of the main activities of Abalmasov Production studio in Kyiv. A variety of 3D-walks and demonstrations, designed by the professional specialists of our company, successfully work on websites, different mobile devices and even in virtual helmets.

Main directions

The most Interesting and highly sought applications for the 3D animation videos are those where the advertised objects are highlighted and presented in the best and most favorable light, such as:

  • apartments in new buildings
  • private houses and country cottages
  • hotels and guest houses in resorts
  • holiday centers and boarding houses
  • health-improving and sports facilities,
  • museums, theaters, and more.

The finished creative product, shaped as a three-dimensional graphics, can be presented to potential customers at exhibitions, conferences, and during other events aimed at the respective promotion.

3D graphics significantly support promotion of a residential property on the market, increase the sales and builds up a new demand. For example, the opportunity to see a residential complex in all its charm from a bird’s eye view does not only entertain the client, but provide the most effective way of visual advertising.

Our Commitment

The studio team treats the development and implementation of 3D animation projects with special commitment and care. We strive for long-term cooperation, executing our job tasks systematically, efficiently, and thoroughly. Making 3D animation, in which professional computer graphics specialists play a key role, is carried out in the following steps:

  • preparatory activities
  • selection of the necessary information base, materials, equipment
  • making an accurate project assessment
  • drawing up a video plan
  • simulation process
  • arrangement of cameras on the stage, taking into account the prepared plot
  • process visualization
  • color correction works
  • editing of the video
  • sound placement and engineering

If necessary, we will recode the material into the required format, depending on the planned use of the product, taking into consideration the proportions of the screens and the characteristics of the media to demonstrate the video.

The cost of 3D animation per minute depends on the complexity of the order, the length of the video and a number of other factors. At the same time, the base price of 3D graphics per second is fixed — it is rather attractive and allows the vast majority of companies and organizations, as well as individuals, to order 3D animation, and implement their plans.