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Corporate videos


Professional filming of corporate events in Kyiv - Abalmasov Production studio

Corporate videos, along with presentation films, allows you to:

  • elevate the status of your company,
  • unite the team and focus it on achieving new tasks
  • gain a foothold at a higher professional level of performance

High-quality filming of corporate events can become a real business card of your firm or company, showing the advantages and features of your friendly and result-oriented team. It gives you a double advantage:

  • you attract highly qualified specialists willing to work in such a friendly and successful team
  • your company’s prestige in the eyes of potential customers is thoroughly improved

Professional approach

Our studio Abalmasov Production makes highly effective corporate videos, which you can successfully demonstrate at various presentation events and business meetings. Order it from us and we help you to develop and shoot a corporate video to meet the company’s needs and objectives; or we take high-quality video footage and make the respective films to support your business meetings. This kind of video can also be very useful for attracting customers, investors and other categories of potentially interested individuals and legal entities.

Our team employs a wide range of specialists who are able to cope with the most difficult tasks at the highest level of performance. Our well-equipped studio masters up-to-day technologies of making videos. The innovative software enables us to design and layout the filmed material in a variety of unusual and original styles.

Wide selection

Depending on the goals and objectives, there are some options for the corporate videos we can offer:

  • a corporate film that reveals the history, goals and objectives of the company
  • a presentation video
  • a video in progress review (summarizing) format;
  • an image-building video
  • videos filmed for educational purposes;
  • a video made about the holiday, anniversary of the company, and a corporate event held on this occasion;
  • special business greeting (to a partner, competitor, etc.) 

Order your corporate videos in Kyiv and in the region from Abalmasov Production studio and obtain a high quality and professionally made video. Cooperation with us is truly rewarding!