Video production - Professional video studio in Kyiv - "Abalmasov Production"


Abalmasov Production is a full cycle video production studio


Our activity

The main direction of our work is up-to-date, high-tech and innovative video production. We render our services to the customers taking into account a range of factors — the wishes of the customer, the type of the event to be featured; and then we carefully select the implementation methods and tools. The company Abalmasov Production offers the following:

Production studio

Our product provides the best media content, development, shooting and making commercials for television and the Internet. If you need your ad to be not only of high quality, but also effectively working for your business — Abalmasov Production is ready to provide you with full cycle services of video production in Kyiv and in the region. Even the most fantastic ideas of ​​our customers will get an economically sound and financially feasible presentation.

Coverage of the corporate events

Making films about corporate events is one of the important areas of our focus. It has long become a common courtesy among the respectable, well-established and up-and-coming companies to make professional videos related to the corporate events and important gatherings. We offer multi-camera shooting to take the best angles, apply special visual effects using computer technology, and add video infographics to make each story bright, rich, unique and interesting!

High-quality advertising

Promotional videos are one of the most effective marketing tools attracting more customers, increasing sales, and, as a result, generating profit. Abalmasov Production studio has got a solid experience in the production of commercials for big enterprises and organizations, shopping centers, etc.

Production of commercials ordered from our full-cycle production studio is an opportunity not only to inform your potential customers about new products, but also to do it in the most vivid and attractive way!

Making clips

For creative people who want to make themselves better known, Abalmasov Production offers its services across Ukraine. We are professional storytellers having got a huge practical experience, focusing on every detail, and possessing advanced technical and functional capabilities — and this is only a short list of our advantages.

Better terms and conditions

Filmmaking is a complex and multi-stage production process. To make a high-quality video, it is not enough just to know about filming and video editing. We build our work on every film we make based of the following main stages:

  • comprehensive preparation
  • immediate shooting
  • finalization
  • promotion

Full cycle video production

Ordering your film product from us, you don’t just get the video you wanted. Our studio performs all kinds of related works, needed for a high-quality video or story. The list of these works includes:

  • development of the main idea of ​​the event
  • buildup of the storyline
  • script writing
  • actors casting
  • producer business
  • comprehensive technical support

By handing over the finished work to the customer, Abalmasov Production assumes full responsibility and guarantees the quality of editing, dubbing the video, as well as professional color correction.

Making a right choice

Professional video production studio Abalmasov Production offers the best terms for the production of high-quality videos meeting all modern requirements and standards. The company is a recognized leader in Kiyv and the region. The number of projects we have successfully completed is constantly growing and the geographical scope of our activities is expanding. Clients who have ordered our services always leave positive feedback and recommend us!